Pet Projects & Other Endeavors


Currently still only an MVP or proof-of-concept for a startup (for lack of a less polluted word).
GiveSkill is with a soul.
A jobs and tasks marketplace where you can donate your skill and time to be converted into a monetary donation to your favorite charity.
Just pick a charity, offer a job you’re willing to do for a paying client and your fee will be transferred into a donation towards your chosen charity as soon as a client orders your services.



Minds At Stake

A set of three candles to commemorate the geniuses of Jeanne d’Arc, Jan Hus and Galileo Galilei who is the only candle without a wick, because, well… you know, he recanted.
WiP at the moment, soon to be available for purchase via Etsy.

Minds At Stake

Anger management therapy in the form of an email autoresponder. helps you to vent your anger in your email responses without causing irreparable damage to your professional and/or personal relationships.

Angrymail screenshot